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Why is using VertiMax different than plyometric training?

Plyometrics involve leaping and bounding and is similar to VertiMax jump training. However, VertiMax has two major advantages over plyometrics: a) VertiMax is more efficient at developing power at high speeds because it allows athletes to apply additional loads to their bodies that have NO MASS. With the added loads/resistance, the athlete’s muscles are further stimulated to strengthen and produce more power which is our primary goal to improve explosive jumping power. With conventional plyometrics, athletes only use their own body weight as resistance every time they train. Since the resistance of their body weight is essentially the same every time they jump train, there is no added stimulus or reason for their muscles to become more powerful. If you walked in a gym and benched pressed the same exact weight every set, every day, how much would you expect your bench press to improve over time? Not much! In a very short time period your strength gains will stagnate because your body has adapted to a fixed resistance (fixed body weight) and has no further stimulus (additional resistance) to promote strength development. You are going to peak out and your performance gains are going to stagnate – that is a major disadvantage performing traditional plyometric training without the add-on resistive capabilities VertiMax offers!


Secondly, we often forget that half the speed equation is the swing phase or the ability to accelerate the foot when it breaks contact with the ground and reaches for the next step or “ground strike”. The three muscle groups that accelerate the foot through the air for the next step are the hip flexors (linear motion), abductors and adductors (lateral motion) and athletes rarely train these muscles dynamically for power development to promote speed gains. Unfortunately 95% of the time athletes are only training the drive phase and neglect swing phase power development. This will unfortunately result in a lot of undeveloped speed potential. If you want to effectively develop both drive and swing phase power simultaneously for maximum speed performance gains there’s only one system in the world that can do it – VertiMax.

Visit our Speed Training page and see what VertiMax can do that no other speed training system can. It will be obvious why VertiMax is the leading speed training system in the world!

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