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We build the toughest treadmills with the lowest cost of operation on the planet. We build heavy duty treadmills for homes, gyms, high-speed training, schools, fire and police departments, and other high-use settings, and we build them right here in Texas, USA.


Our treadmills can handle up to 700 Lb user weights without breaking a sweat. We build them from heavy-gage steel and coat them with a polyurea material similar to high-grade truck bed liner. We use steel and lexan to protect the electronics on the display, and a steel hood and foot runners to prevent damage from dropped dumbbells and water bottles.


Our treadmills require almost no maintenance at all. How much is "almost?" Flip the deck every 1-3 years, change the belt every 3-5 years, and change the motor brushes every 3-8 years. Check the drive belt tension after the first 6 months of steady use, and keep an eye on the walking belt so it doesn't get off-center. That's it! That is the entire "maintenance program" for our treadmills. Compare that to ANY other treadmill - you'll see why we're the best - the best choice, the best treadmill, the best in the business!

With top end speeds from 16 mph to 31 mph, top-end elevation ranges from 15% to 40%, and options for either 110v or 220v power requirements, there is a Tuff Tread Fitness and Performance treadmill model to fill every need. Tuff Tread offers unique high speed treadmill solutions for high speed and over-speed training. We have several models with top speeds ranging from 16 mph to 31 mph; with or without our exclusive safety catches and unweighting systems; and in custom colors for college athletes and professional sports teams.


Elite athletes and professional sports teams will get faster, stronger, and more agile using our specially designed treadmill systems and high speed training programs. Unlike the “other guys” there are no on-going franchise fees or licensing fees with our treadmills. We offer turn-key high speed and over-speed training programs. Our exclusive un-weighting Speed Arch offers complete freedom of motion and unmatched safety for athletes while un-weighting up to 50 lbs of body weight. The Speed Arch moves with the athlete to allow for exceptional freedom of movement while safely performing 360 degree turns and reverse running.

And convert it to km/h instead of miles.

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